National Energy Management Services



Intelligen Resources, LP (IRE) is a national energy management and procurement firm helping companies implement strategies to control and reduce energy costs. Our goal is to provide clients with premium energy management services to lower electricity and natural gas cost, reduce energy consumption, provide a long term energy management strategy, and implement risk mitigation strategies for the future.

IRE offers our clients a full suite of energy management services including; market analysis by state, energy supplier bid analysis and comparison, contract evaluation, energy audits, efficiency programs, and more.


Our Services

Intelligen Resources (IRE) provides energy consulting and advisory services to commercial, industrial and institutional consumers of energy as well as energy providers and other organizations involved in the energy industry.  The team of energy management consultants at IRE is committed to providing comprehensive, analytically based solutions regardless of whether its clients are:

Seeking to optimize their energy spend,
Assessing the viability of a major infrastructure investment,
Exploring ways to reduce energy consumption, or
Addressing any other energy related challenge or opportunity.

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What Is a Energy Risk Management?

Intelligen Resources (IRE) believes the key to managing energy costs is developing a comprehensive energy management strategy that can be adapted to changing market conditions, regulatory structures, and supplier behaviors.  IRE works closely with its clients to establish energy goals that align with their business objectives, risk tolerance and budgetary constraints.

Once developed, IRE assists clients in implementing the energy management strategy, benchmarking its performance against the established goals and most importantly, adapting the strategy in the face of changing market conditions.

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Renewable Energy Consulting

Renewable energy is growing rapidly worldwide thanks to lower costs and government incentives for renewable electricity generation, particularly solar and wind generation.  That growth is leading to significant change in the electricity industry, presenting opportunities and challenges to large energy consumers.

Purchasing renewable energy is a key component of most sustainability or carbon footprint reduction strategies, however it can be fraught with complexities and unforeseen risks.  Intelligen Resources can help your organization navigate the complexities of renewable energy procurement with its renewable energy consulting services.

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We simplify the energy procurement process by offering  integrated energy solutions tailored to commercial, industrial, government and institutional facilities across the United States. Our team is comprised of industry leaders with over two decades of experience in deregulated electricity and natural gas markets.