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Intelligen Resources, LP (IRE) is a national energy procurement and management firm helping companies implement strategies to control and reduce energy costs. IRE is comprised of energy professionals from leading energy companies across the country. Through our strong Supplier network and operations, we are able to leverage our purchasing power across trading regions nationwide to obtain the most aggressive pricing in the marketplace creating maximum savings for our clients.

Formed in 2009 following the inception of electricity deregulation in Texas, Intelligen Resources has become one of the premier energy consulting and management firms in the country. 

Electricity deregulation has created new opportunities to achieve energy savings as well as creating new challenges for managing and controlling energy costs. Identifying, managing, and maintaining energy expenditures for your facilities can be both challenging and time consuming. IRE can help make this process seamless and stress free. Our procurement strategies are tailored specifically to the individual clients' needs including the development of customized pricing alternatives as well as bill review and account management. We are continuously searching for opportunities to help our clients more effectively manage energy risk. Whether you have one facility, or hundreds of facilities nationwide, IRE is there to manage your energy procurement needs.

Intelligen Resources, LP is  committed to upholding integrity and maintaining honor in the national deregulated retail electricity market  


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