Services Offered


Energy risk management

Intelligen Resouces (IRE) believes the key to managing energy costs is developing a comprehensive energy management strategy that can be adapted to changing market conditions, regulatory structures, and supplier behaviors.  IRE works closely with its clients to establish energy goals that align with their business objectives, risk tolerance and budgetary constraints.

Once developed, IRE assists clients in implementing the energy management strategy, bench marking its performance against the established goals and most importantly, adapting the strategy in the face of changing market conditions.

energy procurement

Intelligen Resources manages the energy procurement process from start to finish for its clients. Creating the proper competitive environment and accurately comparing competing offers is critical to the energy procurement process. IRE's relentless focus on the details of proposals, pricing structures, and contracts ensures that clients get the maximum value out of their procurement strategy and do not face the surprise of an unexpected cost after contract execution.

renewable energy consulting

Renewable energy is growing rapidly worldwide thanks to lower costs and government incentives for renewable electricity generation, particularly solar and wind generation.  That growth is leading to significant change in the electricity industry, presenting opportunities and challenges to large energy consumers.

Purchasing renewable energy is a key component of most sustainability or carbon footprint reduction strategies, however it can be fraught with complexities and unforeseen risks.  Intelligen Resources can help your organization navigate the complexities of renewable energy procurement with its renewable energy consulting services.

on-site electricity generation

Many large consumers of energy already have or can benefit from installing onsite electric generation for primary supply, backup supply, and to meet renewable goals. Additionally, energy storage is becoming more economically viable as the cost of batteries and other technologies declines while real time power price volatility has increased. Intelligen Resources has experience in:

  • Diesel Electricity Generation
  • Natural Gas Electricity Generation
  • Solar Electricity Generation
  • Wind Electricity Generation
  • Co-generation Facilities
  • Energy Storage


energy sustainability

Sustainable energy use is a major focus area of large organizations today. Sustainability goals impact all areas of energy management, from physical plant operations to energy procurement. Whether an organization’s sustainability goals are driven by regulatory guidelines, consumer demands or a socially conscious leadership team, Intelligen Resources can assist in developing and implementing a sustainable energy strategy.

demand response

There are numerous opportunities for end use consumers to reduce energy costs and further an overall corporate sustainability strategy through participation in demand response programs. Programs and opportunities differ widely in their value and requirements, and Intelligen Resources can work with a client to identify what facilities are good candidates for demand response, and what programs may be the best fit.